HullabaZoom! Summer Term

This term we’re putting all of our energy into running a fun & exciting “virtual” term: embracing and engaging with the incredible online creativity happening around the world!

We’ll be running eleven weekly Zoom sessions during which we’ll be rehearsing five of our core repertoire songs, working towards creating audio and video recordings for a very special end of term fundraising project in support of Water Aid.

There will be warm ups, choir games and some special online shenanigans as well as the usual online resources & homework! 

Please note, each session will have its own URL and ID code. These will be emailed each week to paid up members and anyone who books a drop-in session.

Everyone is Welcome!

Visit the Hullabaloo Store to join for the whole term or book your place for individual sessions.

Zoom for Water Front Room Festival!

Our term finale will be an online gig in aid of the fantastic charity Water Aid, featuring a video montage of Hullabaloo members performing songs from the term.

Note to all those taking part:

This Will Not Be A Scary Process!

It will be well held and supported and full of all the fun, friendship and creativity found in our face-to-face sessions and live gigs. As well as our video there will be live streaming by special guests… Read on for more…….

You Are Our Special Guests!

Are you joining Hullabaloo this Summer? Are you a songwriter? Are you in a band? Do you play an instrument? Are you a creative performer?

If so…

Would you be interested in performing as part of our Summer Term Finale on 16 July 2020?

All performance considered, not just musical ones. Drop us an email if you would like to take part!

Join Us for the Zummer Term: It’s Going to be Zooming Marvellous!

Visit the Hullabaloo Store to join for the whole term or book your place for individual sessions.

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