HullabaZoom! – sing with us online!

During this period of self-isolation, we’re more determined than ever to connect people through community singing and so we’ve taken Hullabaloo Quire online! We warmly welcome EVERYONE who loves to sing to come and join our computerised choral community – HULLABAZOOM! We’re using the meeting platform Zoom for our online sessions. If you’re new to Zoom and would like/need some help using it please click here for our handy – ‘How to Sign Into and Use Zoom’ guide.

There is no fee to take part in HullabaZoom but if you would like to support the creative work Hulla is doing to help keep spirits lifted and voices raised, perhaps you might make a small donation?

Our weekly Zoom sessions will look a bit like this:

6.50pm any participants new to Zoom please log in to get used to the settings
7pmMEETING STARTS Welcome and tech faff – please don’t be late, as we’d like to do the tech tweaks at the beginning only!
7.10pm (or so) a classic warm-up song.
7.20pm (or so) learning and singing a song together
7.45pm (or so) having a real & virtual tea break and opening up the chat
8.00pm (or so) learning and singing a second song together. finishing at 8.30…or so!

The Hulla Steering Group meeting using Zoom!

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