Staging – Terms and Conditions of Hire

Storage and Maintenance

Hullabaloo Quire takes all reasonable precaution to ensure that its staging is safely stored and properly maintained. Hirers should do the same.


Hullabaloo Quire will provide assembly instruction to all hirers.

Risk Assessment/Liability/Insurance

Hirers are responsible for undertaking their own risk assessments with regard to the use of Hullabaloo’s staging. Hirers understand that they must have their own insurance and Hullabaloo Quire accepts no liability for any accident or injury that takes place during the use, or transportation of its staging – You will not be covered by Hullabaloo’s insurance.


A representative from Hullabaloo will check each piece for damage as they are taken out of storage, with the hirer present and will not hand over any damaged pieces. Should the Hirer notice any faults or experience any damage with any pieces of the staging after check out, it should be reported to Hullabaloo immediately. Once noticed the broken part should not be used. Any damage will be charged from your deposit.