Stage Hire

Have a look at our photos of our staging here, to see if it will be suitable for you.

For reference Hullabaloo uses around 15 pieces usually for a choir of about 60 (we have around 40 on the stage and 20 standing in front approx).

We have:
15 high stage pieces
16 low stage pieces
4 Step units
6 Handrails
+ Bridging units for Z and L shapes

In order to hire our staging you will need a van to transport it, people to collect it from our HQ and to help you set up/dismantle and bring it back to us, and you’ll also need to agree to our Terms and Conditions of Hire.

Please fill out the below form and let us know about your staging needs if you would like to hire some of our stage. We will be in touch to discuss your options.