Join Hullabaloo Quire for a chorally cosmic Brighton Fringe Festival term!  Let your voices travel through space and time. 

In 2020 we’re bringing a very special version of The Raven to the Fringe, and everyone who loves to sing is invited to be a part of the production.

This term’s repertoire will be two celestial song cycles, brought to us by three contemporary choral composers!

THE RAVEN, with music by Ali Burns and text by Tony Bonning, is a choral amalgamation of creation myths from across the Northern Hemisphere; a meditation on the creation of the world around us and our place in it…

…and THE COSMOS, composed by Suzie Shrubb, is an oratorio that tells the story of cosmic evolution, from the Big Bang to the chirps of Black Holes right up to the present-day universe. The piece celebrates the story of our Universe as told through the lens of science, the place of order and chaos, in all that we are and came to be. 

These two pieces will be complemented with interwoven original music by Hullabaloo’s Musical Director Kirsty Martin.    

Whether you’re a bathroom crooner or a seasoned diva come and join us for a singing experience that’ll take your heart and your voice to magical and mythical places. 

Join us on January 13th and/or 20th to find out more!

A FREE Open Session is available to anyone who has never sung with Hulla before. Click here to book your free space.
If you HAVE sung with Hullabaloo in the past the cost is £5 per person for an open session.