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Blimey…2020! What a curveball!

Remember March? When we bravely took to Zoom, with a ‘we’ll be home by Christmas’ gung ho determination to keep the choir together – singing, embracing new projects and skills, and working towards a common goal?

Well we certainly achieved that through the summer months, (albeit with a select group – Summer 2020 Hulla Gang Forever!!) culminating of course with our wonderful Live Stream event and raising nearly £3,000 for Water Aid.

Live Stream on Your Tube.

We’ve really missed the Hulla folk who chose not to Zoom with us last term, but it’s ok, we get it – many folk ‘don’t do Zoom’ – and don’t fancy singing via Zoom (we know it’s pretty existential!) but I wanted to say that I missed you all – the regulars, the erstwhiles, and those newbies who might have joined! So I am pretty stoked to let you know that we might have found a way to provide the Heavenly Harmonious Hulla experience for those who are happy to continue to Zoom, and those who only want to sing in the…Room… Read on, and we’ll tell you all about it!

Looking forward to seeing you all, in one form or another, for the next chapter of HullaBeats2020!

Kirsty x

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