Paul Diello – Hullabeanie of the Month – December 2019

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Paul Diello

What inspired you to join Hullabaloo Quire?

I’ve been a solo artist for many years but I’d never been in a choir before until I took part in Depart, the extraordinary performance in Woodvale Cemetery as part of Brighton Festival a couple of years ago. I really enjoyed the experience and wanted to get into choral singing and had heard great things about Hullabaloo from a lot of people I met in Depart. 

What’s your biggest hulla highlight so far?

Performing at The Dome for the Un-Thanks was definitely up there! I really love the warm ups at the start of the session too, they always make me smile! 

Hullabaloo is very, VERY excited to be one of the acts performing at your gig, Kate Bush a Celebration in December. What other treats can the audience expect, who else do you have in the line-up? 

It’s going to be a fantastic night, this will be the third Kate night I’ve put on in Brighton and the other two have been such fun! We’ve got some fantastic local acoustic acts and some awesome London musicians performing too. There’ll be a lot of piano playing, some cool self produced backing tracks and a bit of ukulele! The acts will be singing Kate songs in their own styles so even if you’re not a massive KB fan, there really is something for everyone. 

Not only are you staging Kate Bush a Celebration, AND performing in the Hulla winter gig, Weather the Storm, you are our guest MC too! But this isn’t all, what other projects are you working on?

Lots of things in the pipeline. I’ve been in the studio for the past year or so working on my third solo album and it’s almost finished so I’ll be releasing that early next year. I’m also recording an album with my acoustic duo project Under The Ivy. I’m working on a new show which will make its debut at Brighton Fringe next May. I also run a monthly queer variety show called El Geebee Tea Queue at The Brunswick and run a stage in Preston Park for Brighton Pride so will start planning for that in the new year too. 

What’s the best reason you’d give someone for joining Hullabaloo Quire?

Because group singing is so good for the soul! Kirsty’s arrangements are so fun to sing and the vibe is so uplifting here! It’s really been such a fantastic experience so far and I’m so happy I joined! 

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