The all natural high!

Come and raise your voice and lift your spirits with Hullabaloo Community Quire – Brighton and Hove’s longest established Natural Voice community choir!

Our online FREE open session offer is now closed. But you can still

POP in and SING! tonight……

…… no need to book

Everyone is welcome; we learn by ear and there’s no sight reading or scores… and definitely no auditions!

The September 16th OPEN SESSION is £5 per person.

Some commonly asked questions……

What are all the term dates?

Check out the Term Dates page on our website.

I can’t come to every rehearsal – can I still join?

Yes of course…we know that Life Happens! We ask that you attend at least 80% of the rehearsals in order to be ready to perform.

Can I just come and sing every week without performing?

Yes – there are lots of ways to be part of the Hulla Village! We ask folk to confirm whether they will be performing as the gigs approach, so we can manage the events. Hulla members find that the performances are a great time to bond with their fellow singers, and are a great buzz, but if performing isn’t for you, then there is plenty to get involved with – including Production Crew, Costume Crew and lots more!

18:45 to 21:30 seems like a long session – is there a break?

It is a little longer than other choirs, yes. That’s because we pack so much into a term – from collaborations with bands to epic pop arrangements to local fundraising gigs. Our rehearsals start promptly at 7pm, and we ask people to arrive a little earlier so we can get going on time.

And YES there is a tea and biscuit break! And why not bring your dinner?!

What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing. Just come along and join in.

If you join the choir you will need to bring a mug every week for the tea break, but we have a few available for newcomers.

Do I need to practice at home?

This is heartily encouraged, especially as we near a gig! Our MD makes rehearsal materials available online. These are audio files and lyric sheets. You’ll be given access to the Members’ Only section of the website after you have joined. Sometimes, choir members get together for Sectional rehearsals…sometimes in a pub!

What sort of music do you sing?

We are asked this a lot, and there is no simple answer! We have 4 main strands of choral activity – read on!

Firstly, we sing a massive range of songs already in existence, from pop rock blues folk jazz soul classics (many arranged by our MD) to songs that form part of the Natural Voice global core repertoire – songs from all over the world!

Secondly, we are known for our innovative and exciting choral collaborations, and have collaborated with many bands, including Oysterband, O’Hooley and Tidow, Grace Petrie, The Moulettes and many more. These songs are chosen by the band and our MD, who then arranges the choir into the songs, for a shared performance. This has, over the years, become one of the most exciting elements to our repertoire.

Thirdly, we are often involved in bespoke choral theatre projects that combine spoken word and song and storytelling. These include Harmonium by Su Hart of Baka Beyond (in collaboration with Walcot State Choir from Bath) The Four Directions by Kirsty Martin and The Big Song by Heathcote Williams and Kirsty Martin, as part of Brighton Festival.

Lastly, we are part of a global community who sing for social change, and we support many causes and charities. We are also part of the Street Choir movement, and attend the nomadic annual Street Choir Festival each year (as well as having hosted it twice) Therefore much of our repertoire are songs of protest and solidarity with those who for whom we sing – both global and local, for example, we regularly support both Water Aid andThe Clock Tower Sanctuary in Brighton.

Is there a Hulla uniform or choir outfit to buy?

There is no set outift for Hullabaloo! We have many different themes and we do dress up for performances – which can be anything from black and a block colour, to pirates, to spots, to steam punk! We agree nearer to each performance what the dress code will be – they are often quite wide to allow for everyone to bring their own style to the show.