Spring Term ’24 Fees

Full Term

Band 1: £132 Band 2: £110 Band 3: £77 (see below for Band guidance)

(If you have carried over fees from last term, contact Jen for fee amount)

We have Open Sessions on 15th & 22nd January at £5 each so you may have a taster session before committing to the whole term, if you wish. If you decide to join, any Open Session fee is deducted from the term fee. If you want to drop in to a rehearsal later in the term to see what the sessions are like, that’s ok too (at £5), just be aware that we’ll have been rehearsing the repertoire for some time!

We understand that this is a financially precarious time for many people, so we are keeping our usual three-tiered fee structure, but adjusting the prices, as before, in the hope we can keep Hulla affordable.

We offer a sliding scale dependent on your present financial position. Please look at the options below, use the monthly net income guideline and pay what you can. Thanks so much.  

Term Fee Bands

Band 1: Monthly net income above £2,000 = £132
Band 2: Monthly net income between £1,300 – £2,000 = £110
Band 3: Monthly net income below £1,300 = £77

If you feel that you are able to pay a higher level of fees than your income bracket suggests, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

If you wish to pay in instalments, that’s fine – please email the request with your booking or speak to Jen at rehearsals. Payment details are given in the email reply.

Bursary Places

As ever, we hold some places at a very low, discretionary bursary fee, available on request. If you are keen to join and wish to apply, please email info@hullabalooquire.org