Info for performers
You must attend the rehearsal on Monday 9th December. We will need to balance the parts for Tsinstkaro (Hello Earth’s Georgian section) and Cloudbusting, which is what we shall be singing.
Kirsty x

The venue is The Brunswick, Holland Road, Hove BN3 1JF. Click on the image for a map

Please wear all black 

Arrive at 5.30 for staging and a run through 

Your name will be checked on the list on arrival and you’ll be given a stamp on your hand. Show it to the door people if you come in and out. 

You can leave your belongings in the dressing room upstairs, it is away from the public areas but it’s not locked or guarded so keep valuables on you if you’re concerned. 

You’re welcome to watch the whole show but please be mindful that the seats will be for paying customers. We’ll need to stand at the back of the venue during the other performances. 

We will be on last in the set which will be around 10.30pm. You’re welcome to leave after our run through and come back, the show will start at 8pm (roughly). Make sure you’re back in good time (by 9pm latest). 

We get 20% off all food orders so just tell the bar staff you’re performing if you order food (the grub is really yummy). We also get free soft drinks at the bar. 

Paul x