What Our Singers Say

“Thank you to everyone at Hulla for such a warm welcome.”

"Fun, laughter, joy, friendship and of course singing! It has also helped me give up smoking!"

"I like that there are so many others around me – it means my voice becomes a part of a massive sound and I don’t just hear myself."

"Choir always puts me in a good mood and I love meeting all the people. What I get out of choir is that it makes me feel really kind of spiritually happy and as cheesy as it sounds, like I can take on anything!"

"I am new to Brighton. I was welcomed immediately, I have made friends down here now through the choir. I love the rehearsals, the variety and the energy!"

"I emailed and asked if someone like me, considered tone deaf by my family could join. I got a lovely email back and took the leap to join. That was a couple of years ago, and my daughter now begrudgingly tells me that my singing is getting better!"

"I was in my school choir, and I have memories of the choirmaster being very strict. I can't read music, but in Hullabaloo that doesn't matter, as everything is taught by ear. The songs are better than the ones I remember from school too!"

"It opened a new world until then unknown. I also gained more confidence and contentment."

"Joining a choir has completely changed my life. I have gone from 'Don’t let Mum sing!' to singing in a group aged from 17 – 70 on the streets and at a rock gig. Joining a choir means I can now retire with purpose."

"I just love singing and have done it all my life. There is fantastic joy and energy – the feeling of being surrounded by amazing sound and being a part of it. It has meant that I have confidence in my voice – enough to perform solo gigs too."

 "Come alive after a hard days work. Healing harmonies and such fun. It’s one of the reasons I stay in Brighton."

"No exclusions – everyone CAN sing!"

"Having the chance every week to be in all these harmonies and join in all this music helps me feel better, think better and sing songs in my head when the going gets tough at work!"

"I was very isolated when I first came to Brighton as a carer to my severely disabled partner. Hulla has always been a life saver!"

"No matter how horrible I feel before I arrive, I leave feeling amazing, uplifted and relaxed. Singing can help you get rid of anger, tiredness and general misery!"

"I’m quite shy and find the choir helps me overcome this. Now I’m NOISY and LOUD!"

"As a frustrated performer it’s great to have a performance outlet and to be involved in the creative process too."

"Singing with other people in close harmony gives me a real buzz. No matter how tired or down I feel, at the end of a Hulla session I feel uplifted."

"I joined Hullabaloo because I love singing as a way of expressing myself. I’ve found a real sense of belonging within Hulla’s community!"

"My Monday evening therapy after a heavy day at work – the way to start the week!"

"It's great fun joining in what I’d wanted to do my whole life – a cappella harmonies and good friends. It’s put me on the road to more musical pursuits and learning the guitar."

"Singing on the streets of Brighton, in so many venues around the city and with so many people really made me feel at home in my new city."

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