About us

Hullabaloo is Brighton’s longest-established and continuous Natural Voice choir. We are founded on the simple principle that singing is your birthright and that everyone, given the right technical and emotional support, can enjoy singing together.

Kirsty Martin, our Musical Director, founded Hullabaloo in 1998.  As the choir grew steadily in size, repertoire and ambition, the management needs grew too, and we are now managed by a steering group of volunteers, with our Musical Director and Administrator as a co-opted members. The MD’s main role is an artistic one but, as the founder, she remains deeply involved in its direction and plays a big part in all decision-making for the choir.

Hullabaloo Community Quire became an unincorporated association in 2005. To find out more about this status, you can visit the Business Link government website. In the process of becoming an unincorporated association we wrote our Constitution, which you can download in the column to the right. Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at which the Annual Report is delivered and the annual elections are held for the positions in the steering group.  You can download the latest Annual Report in the right hand column.

The last AGM was held in November 2016 and the following Hullabaloo members were elected onto the steering group:

Ruth Bailey  - Chair
Jennifer Coles - Treasurer
Sue Dibb - Committee Secretary
Gill Cooper - Membership Secretary
Anika Carpenter - Adminstrator (Co-opted)
Anton Pruden - Website Administrator
Kirsty Martin - Musical Director (Co-opted)

Why Quire and not Choir? Despite being a reclaimed mediaeval spelling for choir, we also call ourselves a Quire to emphasise the difference between us and the traditional or stereotypical church or classical choir. Quire stands for Quirky, for Quaintise...and a few more!

Our Mission Statement and Ethos

Hullabaloo aims to re-ignite the musical experience shared by people throughout time and all over the world, singing together for celebration, protest, passion, work and play, building and bonding the wider community with a profound impact on the individual.

We are a Natural Voice choir and we adhere to the Natural Voice Practitioners’ Network (NVPN) ethos that singing is your birthright.  There are no auditions and members are not required to be able to read music. We are open to people from all walks of life and musical backgrounds.

Click here to visit the NVPN website

Annual report 2015

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