Hullabaloo Community Quire is one of Brighton's longest established, nationally renowned and much loved Natural Voice choirs. Natural Voice means NO auditions, NO sight singing, NO judgements and NO limits!

Our strength is in our repertoire and our ethos. We sing songs of protest, passion and celebration through the ages from all around the world. Leaving no generic stone unturned, our repertoire is wildly eclectic and deeply funky; songs to make you laugh, stomp your feet, shiver with harmonic delight and keep coming back for more!

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Hullabaloo has had a fabulous start to the term,...lots of returning faces (some of them prodigal warblers!) and lots of shiny happy newbies, welcomed in with open arms!

MONDAY 26TH SEPTEMBER is our third week in and is the official cut off point for members to join up for the term, so please do come on down and join us for folky funky merriment leading to our magnificent gig with O'Hooley and Tidow!

Click on the links to the right for more information - and look forward to singing with you soon!

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Next term starts 12th September.

Everyone welcome

If you'd like to try Hullabaloo, please do come to our drop-in Open Sessions on 12th or 19th September.

No auditions! No solos!

No judgement! No limits!

Drop us a line for more info.

Join us to sing with folk duo extraordinaire
and put our concert on 18th December in your diary now!O'Hooley and Tidom

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